07 November 2011

Bellatrix Lestrange Costume

The top, necklace, tattoo, wand and velvet skirt are from eBay. (This was my 'back-up' top... I had ordered one from the UK, via an online store. I received it on Halloween day at 4pm, due to a long shipping time; but it turned out that it wasn't as perfect as I thought it would be! So I used the back-up instead... which worked out very well.)

The corset with skirt attached was a wonderful find from Black Rose. So many other things I want to buy from them!

The wig was amazing... stylists at Hair Police were surprised that it was synthetic and not real hair. It was pricey, but for a decent wig in any style or color — totally worth it! Found it at Wigs.com. Who knew!?! ;D

The snake ring was from Eye Of Horus. It's a great Uptown store! I had a Tarot reading while I was there... woot!

And the boots are the prettier ones of the two I had to chose from via Pyramid Collection — another amazing store that I want to buy tons of things from!

Only two weeks and a pile of money to piece together, but totally worth it! Too bad Monday night was dead, as far as Halloween patrons... oh well.

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servehairwondepot said...

i just want to tyr this,and like the shoes soooo much,my mother will not allow me to do like that....
what is a pity..