18 October 2011

Halloween Costume - Bellatrix!

So in a snap decision, Ima be Bellatrix for Halloween this year! Normally I like to plan my costumes months in advance, to get the perfect items... but you gotta make do with the time you have. :P (And I seriously spent 3 hours digging online for them. :P)

Anyway, when I googled 'bellatrix costume', the first link that came up was WB's official Harry Potter merchandise page! I knew they had replica wands so I searched for that first. Here's all they had for her:

Umm... okay... so I understand that this is her wand she used AFTER Ron disarmed her at Malfoy Mansion, but really? No one cares about this boring wand... it's her real one that you need! More on this later...

So then I browsed costumes and saw they had 'authentic' ones of other characters... so I searched, and below is what popped up.

Omg are you serious, WB?!? LOL!!! This is your official Bellatrix costume? Christ. The only thing worthy of her is the separated sleeves... those MIGHT be usable, in what I now realized, was going to be a very pieced-together costume.

So putting the dress aside, I searched for her other accessories I knew I would be easy to find.

Her (good) wand is sold via eBay, from wonderful people who make gorgeous replicas! It was very decently priced, too.

Gorgeous detail!

Next was her necklace... a crow skull. eBay had a lot of options, but it was hard to find a local distributor that would ship it in time for Halloween at a decent price. I settled on this:

And the other super easy find, that no Death Eater can go without — Dark Mark tattoo's! :D

So that was it for eBay. I started googling 'goth tops, skirts, and dresses'... tons of sites came up... good and bad. The other bad part was that I found all these super gorgeous goth dresses that I want to buy just for fun! But I resisted. :P

During that search, I found the perfect boots... seriously, these could be replicas!

But then later that night, after ordering the above, I found another style that could also work... we'll see if I like the first ones, though.

Oh, the hair! Okay, so that was also super easy to find... and sadly, the most expensive part, but this wig is just SO perfect! I got it in black, of course.

Okay, so after digging and digging for a dress, and not finding anything, I ended up buying pieces that I think I can put together to make it look semi-authentic in the time that I have before it needs to be done...

So I know that she doesn't have see-through spider-web stuff, but the skirt connected to the corset... super sweet! I can just wear a skirt underneath it... either the WB costume or something else.

And since the WB top did have the stitched sleeves (which are impossible to find online, on a dress or top), I'll either use that (edited maybe) or the top below, which gives the general idea of open shoulders like her real dress...

Phew! So I hope the outfit is feasible... especially with only a week and a half left. I should get most of the items shipped end of this week and that will give me one more week of shipping time in case something doesn't work out... or shopping time, too. Oh, also, most of these online stores were located in Britain. Fingers crossed on the shipping time!!! :/

Everything was around $20-45, too, except the wig... :)