28 September 2008

Sabbatical = Over

Man... I can't even begin to tell you how FAST the past five weeks went by. It feels like I just left work for my one-month sabbatical! I'm excited to go back and see everyone again, but not too excited for the workload. :P

I accomplished a lot though, during my time off. I got my entire list of things-to-do-on-vacation done and I've been gathering materials for my Halloween costume! I'm going to be my Undead Mage character that I play on Warcraft.

I'm going to look so bad-ass!!! I got a dark-green robe/dress from eBay... the online store is called Holy Clothing, and they have a lot of simple Renaissance-style dresses and shirts. My mum helped me make the mask - rivets and all! I'm going to velcro the top pieces to my head so it doesn't mess with my hair. However, the mask won't cover my eyes, as it does on the character... I do have to see where I'm going. :) But I think I'll get fun contacts to wear to make me look more zombie-like!

I bought the staff from the Renaissance Festival here in Minnesota. It's beautiful!

And here's the result of wearing sandals for shoes while spending six hours at the Festival...

Dirty feets!!! :D

Anyway, I'm also feeling much better mentally than I was two months ago. I'm no longer melancholy! That was my main goal for this sabbatical... to get mentally stable again, and so far so good. :)