21 January 2008

New Job!

I haven't posted in forever, due to being very busy at work, as well as preparing, interviewing, and finally getting a new job! I'm still within the same pyramid here at Target (under my old bosses new boss - lol... did that make sense?), but I'll have a new manager who reports to the pyramid boss. I'm also salary now, instead of hourly, which means NO MORE CLOCK PUNCHING! I think I'm more excited about this than my raise. :)

Officially, I start today, but there's going to be a huge, timely transition... for one, because our new manager was just announced, and I'm sure she has to give her old job two weeks notice; and secondly, since we're a brand-spankin' new team, we don't have a workload yet. So today I'm still doing my type stuff... and sitting in my same cube. That's another issue... we won't be moving probably for awhile because the whole Marketing team might be doing some shifting in the next month or two. So it'll be very weird not to sit next to my new teammates. I scheduled a lunch with them today though, so I can at least get to know them.

Officially I am now a Creative Production Design Specialist! This basically means a bridge between Creative and EP (electronic production, where I am now, but in Type). I'm hoping it's about half EP work, and half Creative... design does stress me out a lot, but our team won't necessarily be doing heavy concepting or design work; rather, we'd be taking already created stuff and furthering it through our routing process. At least I hope... :)