28 May 2009

Slow goin'...

Just need to vent some frustrations here... my body could not be resisting getting back into shape MORE than ever! I had hoped to be in full swing by June, but I can barely jog/walk one evening without something starting to hurt or get sore (even with proper shoes and technique).

I'm trying to take it slowly, like it has been recommended, but I'm motivated NOW, and ready to get my cardio back! Arg... it's flippin' annoying... I thought I was doing well and losing some poundage, but this week I can't stop munching and feel like crap. :P

So yeah, I'll keep at it... just hope I don't over-do it again...

22 May 2009


I had Lasik yesterday!!! :D

It was quite the experience... first, they brought me into this room with a huge massage chair and TV. I signed a bunch of documents and decided to go with the no-interest, 6-month payment plan. Then I watched a 10-minute video of the doctor telling me what to expect after the surgery. Then the nurse replaced the instructional DVD with a meditation one — with soothing music and pictures of the ocean and tropical islands (which naturally, reminded me of Lost, and made me happy). :)

She left and I used the massage chair and relaxed with my 5mg of Valium for about 15 minutes. Then the doctor came in and asked if I had questions. I was mostly concerned about going outside today and this weekend, if the dust/pollen would irritate the healing process. He said nope! You'll be able to do whatever you want... just wear sunglasses. Woot!

So then they brought me into the procedure room and I laid down on a table. I was a bit nervous, but the nurses and doctor kept talking me through what they were doing, which helped a lot. Then they proceeded to tape my eyes open, and put this thing around my eye socket to hold the lids, so I wouldn't blink. I did NOT like this at all... the thing was SO tight on my skin, and hurt/pinched a bit. My breathing became a bit erratic, so I tried to control it; the nurse noticed this, so she touched my shoulder and said it was okay and that we're almost done.

The doctor instructed me to stare at a red light, so I did, as they proceeded to cut a piece off my lens. My eyes were totally numb, so I couldn't feel a thing (it was just that damn pinching thing that made me uncomfortable). After they had the lens flap open, I stared at the red light as the laser clicked loudly for about 5 seconds, to shape my eye. It smelled like burning! :P LOL... but once that was done, they removed the eye-lid contraption and one eye was finished! The second eye was the same... icky pinching eye-lid holder, smelly laser, etc., but it so quick! It probably took only 3 minutes total from when I laid down on the table to when I got up.

My vision was very foggy at first and they gave me big sunglasses to wear when I left with my ride. They instruct you to go home and sleep, so I took some NyQuil and passed out from 11 am to 4 pm. I woke up and felt fine! I came out into the living room and looked out my window, and everything was SO clear! :D

So now I have multiple eye-drops to use for the next seven days, as well as a plastic eye-mask to wear while I sleep, to prevent me from accidentally touching/itching my eye. They also gave me some pain pills in case I needed them, but the only thing I have felt so far is dryness... which is quickly fixed with eye drops.

I have a post-op this afternoon, which I imagine will go just fine...

So yeah, no more contacts or glasses!!! It's amazing... they said I might need reading glasses as I get older, but that's an age thing, and there's nothing they can do about that. :)

04 May 2009


Okay, so this evening, I jogged properly... per Body+Soul magazine recommended. I took it easy so I wouldn't have to deal with 3 weeks of sore knees again (i.e. hell).

And instead of music on my iPod Shuffle, I'm listening to Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. I've read it before, which is a good thing, as I find my brain drifts off from time to time. It's great though, cause before I knew it, I was already around Lake of the Isles in no time!

Now the plan is to do the jog/walk routine for a few weeks, until my knees/shins/ankles toughen-up!

Hooray for progress!

03 May 2009


This weekend sucked... mostly. Normally I would try to articulate myself well, but I just don't have the energy to care at the moment — so here it is, short and sweet:

Shitty sleep, drama-filled paintball, low energy, unrelenting desire for something I can't have, ditched by a friend (again), movie plans fell through, and a gorgeous weather day wasted.

Now I have a migraine.