22 April 2010

WoW Chart


Thanks for the link, Benito.

20 April 2010

Epic Fail WIN!



18 April 2010

Lost Hatch in WoW

Epic is too pale a word to describe the awesomeness!!! :D

Kudos, Blizzard... kudos.

Get Back In Shape This Summer...

... part two!

Last year didn't go so well with the jogging... shin splints, sore knees, etc. But this year, I've researched and started an 8-week 'running for beginners' trial. It already feels slow... my heart can handle jogging, but my legs, not so much.

So basically week 1 is a power-walk warm up: walk for 6 minutes, jog for 1, x3. Per week, 3x...
Week 2 is an increase — walk for 5, jog for 2, x3...

I started today! Walked around the neighborhood... forgot my sunglasses, but other than that, I felt fine physically. And I'm sure my winter elliptical workouts helped.

On the off days I plan to do light muscle building. My doctor recommended I build my shin muscle to avoid the tendons pulling away from the bone, causing the splints... ewws.

So yeah... hooray for being physically fit!

08 April 2010


So many fails! I was searching for ant poison...