31 March 2008

Answer for Lori!

Hey Lori, thanks for your interest in my blog! I'm glad so many people are reading it...

Anyway, here's an answer to your question:
"My question is the manufacturer claims that the dex-c 20 targets stored fat,(tummy, hips, boobs). Do you find that is true? Are you loosing fat in the tummy and hips?"

Just the Dex alone, no, I'm not losing much in those areas... which is good for the boobs, though! :) My hips though, are a pretty standard size... I don't have much fat in that area (but the love-handles are another story!). I hope this info helps!

26 March 2008

DEX Comment

Some information for women taking Dex... for me, during my menstrual cycle, the Dex doesn't work at all! The day that it starts, I'm hungry at my usual, old times. This tapers out towards the end of the week, but it's strong enough where I've noticed the difference these past two periods. I'm not sure if I should just stop taking it during those times, or keep taking them out of habit and keep it in my system.

24 March 2008

DEX C20 - Day 39

Day 39!?! I can't believe it has been that long since I bought this stuff...

Anyway, I'll honestly say I haven't been eating very well this past week/weekend... holiday and all, and it was just one of those weeks! I've been skipping Pilates as well, so I need to get back into that again TODAY. Although Dex does suppress your appetite and craving for foods, you are able to override it - i.e. stuffing your face even though you're full! Something I need to work on when there's free food around...

Very busy at work, though... more to come later, when I have some real information. :)

19 March 2008

6-week Measurements!

Okay, all this talk about results and measurements got me curious... so I gave-in and measured myself this morning, at the six-week mark. I'm fairly pleased with the results... it's slow-going, but that was my decision overall. These measurements reflect six weeks of: BodyPump twice a week, DEX C20, Pilates for Abs (sometimes), and P.M. Yoga (at least twice a week). They also reflect semi-decent eating most of the time, and a few days + one weekend of eating whatever the hell I wanted! :)

Before & After (from top to bottom)-
Biceps: 11.5" to 12"
Breasts: 36" to 36" *no change... good ;)
Chest: 33" to 32.5"
Waist: 31" to 30"
Belly: 35" to 34.5"
Hips: 36" to 36"
Butt: 38" to 38"
Upper Thigh: 22.5" to 22"
Lower Thigh: 19" to 18"
Calf: X" to 14"

That's 3.5" loss overall!

Some comments... good inch-loss on the waist area right below the ribs! I could do better with my belly... meaning more Pilates for Abs. BodyPump has ab work, but only five minutes at the end. I doubt my hips will ever change... but that's okay. Also, great inch-loss on my lower thigh! I have noticed a lot of thigh improvement in that area. Keep in mind that I've had a lot of clearly visible muscle increase on my legs, so I don't expect that measurement to drastically reduce there. I gained 1/2 an inch on my Biceps, though! And I forgot to measure my calf the first time, so that's what the X means.

Hooray for progress!!!

17 March 2008

DEX Comments

Thanks to everyone who made wonderful comments about my Dex trial! It's great to hear that people are reading and referencing my blog.

Oh, and to the person ("Slash" ?) who thought I didn't publish their comment about my being anti-scale, I was on VACATION for a week, and was NOT checking work e-mails, so I wasn't able to post any of the comments until TODAY. I did publish your comment, and thought it was very insightful as well, so don't jump so quickly to conclusions if I don't react immediately to your every thought.

Anyway, I thought I'd answer some questions people had in one big post! Here goes:

Q: "have you had any positive results"
A: Absolutely! It does suppress your appetite quite a bit — much more than the Hoodia did.

C: "I used to be like you and justified not using a scale in one way or another, but the fact is, I avoided the scale because it told the TRUTH."
R: Ahh, interesting take. I don't avoid it completely, but I find the only time I weigh myself is when they force me at the Dr.'s office, as I don’t own a scale anymore. I am happy to report that I've maintained my weight within 8-10 pounds over the past three years, but I would love to see better results. I found when I had a scale in my home, I became too obsessed with the daily measurement — much like I used to be obsessed with timeliness while wearing a watch everyday. I'm still very timely, don't get me wrong; but I just don't need to have it attached to my body, as I have other means of checking what time it is. I digress... :)

Q: "They say that the DEX - C20 is supposed to be fat burning too, you think there is any truth to that, or is it simply an appetite suppressant?"
A: There supposedly are extra natural ingredients in the pill that burn calories (not fat). I haven't noticed if they work well by themselves, as I've been doing a lot of muscle building lately. There's also some other ingredients to increase your energy. This I haven't really noticed much of either, but again, my eating well, working-out and naturally-high metabolism might have something to do with it.

C: "Your blog was a real find."
R: This is wonderful to hear! I noticed there wasn't much out about Dex on the internet yet... GNC said it is still a very new product.

Q: "What I want to know is how many do you have to take a day and in pounds, how much have you lost using it?"
A: You take two pills a day, 1 one-hour before lunch, and 1 one-hour before dinner. It's sometimes hard to time these things perfectly, but I find it works more effectively if you can stay on the one-hour rule. Instead of pounds, I'm going by measurements... I haven't measured in nearly two months though, but at the end of March, I'll be posting those results! However, I'm not overweight... I'm above-average, according to my online BMI analysis, which means my body is pretty normal and my weight loss won't be as drastic or fast because I'm not overweight.

Q: "Are you still using the dex c20? How well does/did it work for you over a month?"
A: Yep, I'm still on it. Although, a week ago was my birthday, so that whole weekend I ate terribly! I even didn't take the Dex one day so I could eat more than normal... don't think that worked though, as I was stuffed before lunch was half-over! :) The difference between this and the Hoodia, is that it works RIGHT away. I noticed by Day 5 that it was definitely working, without any hesitations. My eating could still be better/healthier (not less in quantity); but I hope my new measurements will yield some good results.

Thanks everyone! I hope to put up another Day post soon... work is super busy, having taken a whole week off...

03 March 2008

DEX C20 - Day 18

This stuff definitely works, if I haven't made myself clear on that yet. :)

Yesterday I had lightly-breaded jumbo shrimp, and I was barely halfway done when I felt incredibly full. I kept eating though, as this particular dish re-heated would have been very gross. So now it's a matter of will-power and stopping yourself from eating when you feel full, and accepting the fact that you'll have a lot of left-over dishes during the week.

This fullness though, lasts a good 2+ hours! 8 pm rolled around and I felt as if I just ate a huge meal at Olive Garden. I also notice it works better when you do abide by the 'take one hour before meals' rule. It's hard to plan your meals sometimes, especially when you're out and about!

I might not take it on my birthday though, so I can eat more! I'll be ordering just lobster, as opposed to my usual shrimp pasta and scampi dinner, to make sure I have room for their new cookie dessert! I've seriously been thinking about it since we visited Red Lobster for dad's birthday dinner in January... but I think about food a lot... all day. :)