31 May 2011

Friday Adventure

Last Friday I drove up to Rogers to dog-sit my cousin's pup all weekend. Of course, even though I left work early and was on the road by 3:30, 94W was still backed up! It was fine until I hit the 494/94 split, then it was dead stopped. This map illustrates the routes I took (and tried to take):

Oh, and thank you phone for the GPS!

24 May 2011

5-Year Plan

You know how your personality changes throughout your life...? Well mine, I've noticed, is on a five-year timeline. About every five years, I change... I evolve... transform slowly into someone better, but I'm still essentially me... just with a different outlook on things.

I dunno if it's the end of my Saturn's Return or if I'm at the 5-year mark or what, but in these past few weeks, I've felt different... felt a change happening... and have been thinking differently about life. I've been more motivated and happy... and I even purchased a 'mid-life crisis' scooter to play with.

This change is gonna be a good one... and I will embrace it!

23 May 2011


Two days ago, I bought a scooter!!! :D I just felt inspired one day to get one, so I did some research, got my motorcycle permit, and basically learned how to drive it right off the lot.

I was going to get the 125cc engine model, but the colors are really limited... this International one caught my eye and I had to have it! It's more maroon than the photo shows, but in my excitement of driving it whenever I can, I forget to take a decent pic. :P

It's a Genuine Buddy 150 International and I'm lovin' it tons!!!

I drove it to work today... locked it up with the bikes in the loading dock. It makes me nervous to do that because it's a semi-public area, but I suppose that paranoia will decrease over time. I figured out how to lock the wheel, so you can't roll it without the key, and I used my epic bike lock to secure it. Safe and sound!

Now I have to practice driving so I can take my license test in a few months and be all officially motorcycle-awesome chick! Weee!

22 May 2011

Health Insurance

Finally applied for some online, via eHealthInsurance, before my awesome Sunday migraine hit.

I clicked on the 'Emergency Room' link to find out more, and here's what I read:

Um... wha? Could you repeat any more of the same words in the first few sentences? This reads like a fucking tax document... Why don't they just say: 'Emergency room visits include severe trauma/pain that require you to need more than Urgent Care.' Done. Cripes.

17 May 2011

Reusable Produce Bags

Look what I just ordered! :D

$10 for 5 bags via Amazon, and I won't have to waste those horrible, earth-raping plastic bags provided by the grocery store anymore. Woot! This might make me buy veggies more often, too... I think. :)

13 May 2011

Personal Touch

I recently purchased more crack from eBay, and I received my package today with a little extra gift inside!

This small, hand-written note attached to some mints completely brightened my day. :D What a nice, personal gesture that she didn't have to do at all!


Way to go, Cub, for forcing me to throw away a plastic bag, that I received in my mailbox, without a choice... yup... thanks. >:(

10 May 2011

Dr. Bishop

No matter how crappy my mood is, Dr. Bishop from Fringe always makes me smile/laugh. :)

I think he's probably one of my all-time favorite TV characters. His innocence and eagerness to help in any situation evokes a gentle, childlike sympathy. His convictions and constant desire for wisdom beyond scientific gain, inspires me!

So kudos to John Noble for portraying such a delightful persona! It's fun to see him go from angry Denethor in LotR, to excitable Walter. :D

I was gonna put a bunch of great Walter quotes here, but out of context, they're not that funny and there's usually a prior conversation involved or another character. But I do have to post this one... one of my favorite moments of Fringe, when Bishop and Bell (played by the enigmatic Leonard Nimoy) have just seen each other after 30 years apart:

Dr. Bishop— [angrily] Hello, William.
William Bell— [unemotional] Walter.
Dr. Bishop— I see you've aged.
William Bell— It appears I'm not the only one!

Okay this one is pretty decent, too:

Dr. Bishop: [on the phone] Hello Peter, this is me, your father, Walter Bishop.
Peter Bishop: [annoyed] Thank you, Walter. I know who you are.
Dr. Bishop: Excellent!

One more, without someone else... :)

Dr. Bishop: To understand what happened at the diner, we use Mr. Papaya. [places the papaya in the container and steps back to avoid an inevitable explosion]
Dr. Bishop: [happily] This is upsetting because he is the friendliest of fruits.

08 May 2011

Things I Saw Today

• A little girls' tricycle on the shoulder of a freeway ramp, undamaged, on its side. Not very interesting but a bit disturbing for some reason...

• Dexter eating a strawberries! Aww puppeh!

• An older woman, mowing her lawn, with a leopard coat and hat on (in 65° weather).
This was just too weird so I had to find images to show you what she looked like:

Again, weird!!!

02 May 2011

Kiss my ass, Spammers!

The e-mail address I've had for about a decade (the 'professional' one I created once I left high-school), has been hacked... whatever you take that to mean.

My friends/family received some lovely 'omg you have to see this! [evil link]' e-mails, with their first names in the Subject line. Haha, stupid Spammers, jokes on you... I would never call my dad 'Mark' (he is 'Pa!'), nor would I put that in the subject line of an e-mail... idiots.

Soak in all the horrible, mind-stabbing FAILS! I would never compose an e-mail of such grammar atrocity! Luckily my peeps know this... and who knows where that double-http link goes. :/ Some sort of scary, itchy, black-hole of the internet...

I also love the spam I get from 'Blizzard':

So long-story-short, I changed one letter in my e-mail address and started fresh. It's like losing your wallet or moving, and having to update piles of forms in your life, but digital. :P


Here's a nice, proper e-mail from the real Blizzard people. :)