28 November 2010

The Wagon of Healthy

I fell off of it!!! Bah. Going to start up again tomorrow... exercise, good foods, etc. :P

15 November 2010

Get Healthy (Again) – Day 15


Last week sucked. Didn't work out, but I didn't eat any junk food, either... kinda carb overload, though...

But I made chili yesterday and ate well today, and exercised tonight. Feeling unmotivated and gross... blah.

14 November 2010

Choppy McAwesome!

Every once in awhile, I buy as-seen-on-tv things... sometimes they're great! Sometimes they're pointless.
But the below object is one of those GREAT things!

Ta-da!!! Perfectly chopped peppers... :)

11 November 2010

The Universe...

...is really kind to me sometimes. :)

Been awake since 6am, on my day off, wallowing in self-pity, contemplating my life path, blah blah... trying to read a book because I can't seem to pull myself out of bed, when I get a phone call from a strange number — it's the Center for Reproductive Medicine, and a couple has chosen me for their egg donor! :D It literally put a smile on my face and kicked me out of bed. :)

Nothing is official yet, because we have to see if they can wait until I'm back from my Cancun vacation this January, but if they are okay with waiting, I'll pretty much start the day I get back.


08 November 2010

Get Healthy (Again) – Day 8

Well, things are pretty good... the first few days were rough, but I kept up my exercise. The fourth day I was too exhausted to do anything but yoga (and I barely managed that!).

Eating is the hardest part... I bought Eddy's no-added-sugar popsicles, 25 calories each, which help the post-dinner palate-cleanser craving. And last Friday was the first Friday in a LONG time that I haven't allowed myself an after-dinner treat... was pretty tough. But Saturday I cooked taco's — my favorite that I haven't made in a long time! Then I had a mini Skinny Cow ice cream treat, which compared to Ben & Jerry's, was blah, but at least it was something.

Last night I had a brownie for my sister's birthday dinner. I didn't even really taste it, or the Chinese dinner; I just shoveled... :| I read somewhere that your body craves the amount of sugar you regularly have, so if you eat a ton of junk the day(s) before, your body will crave sugar (junk food, in my case) to level it out, which is what makes starting a diet so difficult. Oh, and I totally forgot how much I LOVE fruit!!! Yummm!!!

So onward I go! I don't see any differences yet, but I feel a bit better... slightly more energy and I feel like the cravings are dwindling. Mentally it has been a ride! I'm confident one hour, then the next I think, 'fuck it, why bother'? Bah!


elliptical: 40 minutes, 325 calories, 2.5 miles [not a drastic difference than last week, but I pushed harder this time, earlier]

muscle building:
- RED Fitness
- 4M* Push-Ups (9 first rep [didn't do them fully correct last week... and I haven't been doing this as often as I should!])
- Calve-Ups (25 first rep [not so keen on doing these anymore, as they perk up your butt, and I really don't need any more of that :P And my calves aren't the issue...])

01 November 2010

Get Healthy (Again) - Day 1

I never log this shit, but maybe I should... might keep me on track.

Girly-girl and I are going to Playa Mujeres in January! 10.5 weeks, to be exact. So I think I'll do a weekly update to see my progress... and there WILL be progress!!! Arrarrraggg!

So aside from exercise, I'm also not eating any junk-food... meaning cookies, cake, etc. Seriously! Of course I'll indulge a bit on the two holiday's I have to survive, food-wise, but no taking junk home and eating it the next day.

elliptical: 40 minutes, 315 calories, 2.5 miles
muscle building: RED Fitness; 4M* Push-Ups (13 first rep); Calve-Ups (25 first rep)

*4M Push-Ups = this new push-up style my Chiro taught me, that works 4 muscle groups at once!!! Tri's, Bi's, Abs, and Pecs... I'm feelin' it already. :|