15 October 2008

Now what am I supposed to do with my life?

I have, finally, completed the Harry Potter books... so yeah, you can re-read the title of my post right now! :D

I guess I'll have to go back to Warcraft... lame... I mean, not really, but Warcraft doesn't have the ability to hold my attention SO severely, nor give me tears streaming down my face consistently! Seriously... I cried like, six times while reading the last two books... at least! I had to have a box of kleenex nearby... how amazing is that to say, that you cry while reading a book?

Sadly, I stopped reading in Jr. High, after my age surpassed the Fear Street and Goosebump series. (Well, the main plot with the Fear Street series did clutch my emotions at times, since it involved witch burnings...)

Anyway! Seriously, if you want an easy slide back into reading books, start with HP 1! I found it enjoyable, to read the book, then watch the corresponding movie again... but often I just became too critical of the movies because of the 'true' timelines and information I knew. :P

I cannot tell you how AMAZING this story is! Next step for me is to buy all the first six books, and re-read them, now that I know all the secrets... yayyyy!

And in movie-news, the sixth movie has been pushed from this November, to a release date of July 2009. The last movie will be split into TWO full-length films, the first releasing November 2010, the second May 2011. Um yeah, so again, re-read the title of my post!!! Arg... such a long wait for wonderful gratification! I guess the sixth movie got bumped because of the writers strike... all this info is per Wikipedia! :)

02 October 2008

This is tough!

I can't even tell you how hard it is to come back to full-time work, and waking up early in the mornings again, after spending five weeks sleeping-in and doing whatever I like on each day. It's surprisingly harder than I thought it would be!

My body is certainly wasting no time in telling me it doesn't like this new adjustment, either... I feel uncomfortable overall when I'm sleeping in my huge/comfy bed, my stomach isn't being very nice (even though I've been eating super well this week), I've had night-sweats for the past three days, and my jaw has started clicking/cracking again.

I'm hopefull that after this first week, things will get better!

Luckily, I didn't come back to a huge workload... I have a few projects coming in soon, but generally I've been helping other this entire week with their projects. That helps the stress-load a ton! I'd probably be in much worse condition today if I came back to piles of stuff on my desk...

Oh, and speaking of piles on my desk, here's what my co-workers did to my cube while I was out...

You can imagine, from how clean a person I am, what my cube looked like before the mess! :)

Took me about a half an hour to clean it all up and re-flip my stuff... and I literally worked-up a sweat! We're getting more and more creative when people take vacations and their cube needs a good sabotage!

Here's my cube a few months ago, when I took some time off in the summer.

Good times... :)