27 September 2010


The last book is dark... full of torture, blood and violence. I'm curious how much they're going to change or edit out... even more so that I read recently about a Death Eater torture scene that was cut, because it 'was like watching Saw'. :|

Though I trust Yates to make these last two films as amazing as he possibly can, I hope he doesn't censor too much of JK's vision, just for a PG rating... because the last two books are not PG.

For example, in the book, the statue behind these ministry officials (and nasty Umbridge!) is supposed to be a throne, upheld by Muggles, (men, women and children) — who are completely naked. I see they're fully clothed and mostly men here...

For your viewing pleasure:

17 September 2010


Gots me a new cell phone!!! :D

It's like going from a tricycle to a sports car... eehehehe!

04 September 2010

Sons of Anarchy

Just saw this in the finale of S2! I don't think I've ever seen Up&Up (Target-brand) in a TV show before... got quite a kick out of it. :D


I need to post more shit on here! Yeah? Whuh!