29 April 2008

3 Month Results

Hello all! As promised, here are my 3 month results. These past few months have been challenging and tough, but I think I'm at a pretty good spot, considering my "comfortably slow" weight-loss attitude and occasional bad eating habits.

My routine:
• BodyPump twice a week at the YMCA (missed a few sessions)
• Pilates for Abs (DVD by Kathy Smith) four days a week for the past five weeks
• P.M. Yoga two to four times a week (DVD)
• Lite Caesar salad with shrimp, for various meals, three times a week for the past five weeks

Combined with my 6-week results I posted previously, the 3 month total inch loss is 5 inches! Areas of inch loss include my lower thighs, upper thighs, tummy, and waist. I gained a total of 2.5 inches of muscle mass, too, which include my arms, lower thighs and chest.

I'm very happy with these results, considering my 'take it easy' weight-loss attitude. The next time I do measurements will probably be in two months.

As far as the Dex, I haven't been taking it as religiously as I was last month. Overall, it hasn't made me lose weight or fat; however, it has helped my hunger pains feel less intense, it helps me eat less during meals, and it control my sweet-tooth cravings. So it does work... just not for strict fat reduction in my body type.

23 April 2008

Weight-Loss Adventure

Boy have I been busy! Work is crazy and I'm trying ever so hard to keep up with a good diet and my exercise routine. Both have been going fairly well these past few weeks... the latter, more so.

Just wanted to update everyone that I'll be measuring again next week, at my 3 month mark. I'll be excited to see the results of my stomach this time, as I've been doing Pilates for Abs four times a week, for five weeks now. Bad eating aside, I should get SOME results... right?

16 April 2008

9 Month Anniversary!

This month of April marks the 9-month anniversary of my egg donation! Long-story-short, I donated my eggs to an infertile couple last July. It was a two-month long process for me, full of needles, drugs, blood tests, and lots and lots of bloating! The extraction was last July 3rd, and I had called a few weeks later to ask if there was a successful pregnancy. There was, but that's ALL the information I am legally allowed to know.

Therefore, this month means that, if the pregnancy was carried to term, my egg baby (or babies) could be born at any time! This thought had popped into my head randomly last week, so I wonder if that meant my earthly intuition was kicking in... ;)

I do hope she/he/they contact me when they're 18 and can legally obtain my information... what a wonderful treat that would be when I'm in my mid-forties. :)

08 April 2008

DEX Con't.

Ugh, you guys, I've been so bad lately! I just get on these eating kicks, and can't stop eating or buying bad stuff to consume... or I see something on TV and I crave it so much, I have to eat it soon! I'm disappointed, but I have to remind myself that it's okay to fall off the wagon sometimes, and I can get back on my feet quickly. However, I was exercising a lot during my bad eating period, so I'm hoping it kind of equalled itself out.

Yesterday was a good day though! I had a huge Lite Caesar salad with [unfortunately soaked-in-sodium] shrimp for lunch, then Special K cereal with chopped up banana for dinner. I do notice when I eat badly, the next day, Dex doesn't work so well, and I have to snack like I used to before my Dex discovery. I also treated myself to a Tootsie Pop (my usual post-lunch treat) and two Twizzlers sticks. But only two!

I cannot wait for warmer weather! Then the bf and I can finally get out and bike on the weekends and be active. Don't get me wrong, I love chilling at home and watching great movies and TV shows, and reading Harry Potter all weekend, but I hate winter, and at least want the option to be outside. Don was fixing up his bike this past weekend, too - via the inspiration of warm weather we had last Saturday. I think mine is good to go... just needs air in the tires and to be dusted! Yes, I keep my bike inside... it stays cleaner this way, and I spent a lot of money on it, so I'd rather keep it in near-mint condition as long as possible. But now, in retrospect, I wish I had gotten a smaller and lighter bike... these things are so heavy and clunky! Oh well. I got a great deal on it via someone I knew who worked at Eric's Bike Shop.

In other news, BodyPump is going well. I haven't upped my weights in awhile, but I still see results and 'feel the burn', so I'm not worried about it. One of the instructors has these amazing thighs! I want someday... :)

Okay, so overall with the Dex, I have been eating a bit less than normal (even though I always ate small amounts anyway) and there's a lot less snacking, which is great; but in the long run, I feel like exercise is what is making me lose weight faster. So hopefully people aren't dependent on Dex; rather, take it as something to assist you with snacking and cravings, and not weight loss entirely. That's my experience with it, for my body type and weight, anyway. I'm curious to see others' results and how their bodies react, so keep those comments coming!