22 June 2010


I don't want to exercise because I'm tired, but I'm tired because I don't exercise. Pbbbtthhhh! :P*

21 June 2010

Neighbors From Hell...


The pilot had a few moments... today's ep, not so much. Perhaps it'll get better with time, like Family Guy did... not holding my breath. :P

12 June 2010


Can't handle this world sometimes... makes me sick. It's exhausting and I don't feel like I'm making any sort of difference. Not like my predecessors before me, anyway... who went through hell and back just so I could exist in this century with a few more conveniences that most people take for granted.

I probably wasn't meant for this time period... I feel like I should have been on this earth long ago or in the near future. Perhaps then I could contribute something more to humanity than peddling cheap merch and playing high school.

01 June 2010

It comes in pints?

Yup... just downed a pint of B&J's Cookie Dough ice cream... /big sigh! Seemed like a great idea at the time... great way to start the week. :S