29 July 2010


So this past weekend, I watched an ep from ER S13, which had Leland Orser starring (Dr. Dubenko). Once I was done with that, I jumped into X-Files S2 where I had left off ('bout half way), and to my amusement, Leland Orser was in that episode as well! Though he was about 10 years younger and not a famous actor yet...

So odd coincidence there, except it has been happening to me A LOT lately! Kinda creepin' me out... :P Or maybe a lot of actors are just so recycled in their careers, that mathematically, it's bound to happen every other weekend. Sneat.

23 July 2010


He's got a point...


Damn straight!

I will admit that when I started playing WoW, I was completely perplexed about using the WASD keys to move around — especially since I was so used to using the (logical) arrow keys in Tomb Raider, and the mouse in Diablo... but one gets used to WASD very quickly when properly motivated. ;)

14 July 2010


C'mon, really? We're still talking about this? YOU LOST. GET OVER IT! Gawd.

13 July 2010

I love this game!

And all of its little nuggets of joy... four years later and I'm still finding them! :D

01 July 2010