28 August 2012

Breaking Bad 507

Ugh... SO good!

*Mega-spoilers, don't read/watch if you're not caught up. :P

Jonathan Banks Interview

24 July 2012

Formula 303 - Review

Formula 303 is amazing! I take two before bed and it helps my TMJ... my jaw is less tight and I find myself not having to 'crunch' it open when I wake up.

It also reduces my back tension — I had the easiest chiropractic adjustment recently, after over a month of not seeing him! He barely pressed on my back and the whole thing cracked all the way up. And it disappeared my restless-leg/thigh tightness go away overnight... like magic, poof!

The only negative is that they smell like butt. XP (But that means they're all-natural, so it's tolerable.)

The cheapest price I found was on eBay, 250ct.


• Valerian Root (valeriana officinalis) — used for centuries to calm upset nerves and for treating mood problems, pain and headaches. Today, homeopaths and herbalists use Valerian root for its antispasmodic, calmative, tranquilizing, carminative (good for upset stomach and digestion) and pain relieving effects. Main ingredient in Valium.

• Passion Flower (passiflora incarnata) — discovered in 1569, it is primarily used as a sedative or nervine to combat excess nervousness and anxiety, to tranquilize and to promote sleep; as an anodyne, anti-spasmodic and anti-convulsant to treat dysmenorrhea, muscle cramps, etc.

• Magnesium — is one of the most important essential minerals to promote proper nerve function. It is a key element in the stabilization of nerve cells, without which, the nerves would be in a constant state of excitation (a state known as tetany).

21 June 2012

Eggs For Sale — Again!

Last year, the Center For Reproductive Medicine MN called and basically said I wasn't allowed to donate my eggs anymore because of my 'grandparents medical history' — something about new laws in place and that I wasn't a 'good candidate' any more. (All my grandparents have passed for various reasons, but it doesn't matter that all my aunts/uncles/cousins and both parents are in perfectly good health!?!)

It was quite upsetting... especially that the coordination nurse just left this information as a voicemail on my cell, and didn't wait until I called back to find out what she wanted. Oh, and mind you, I had JUST donated my eggs ONE month prior!

Anyway, I never called her back because frankly, I was too upset and nothing I say to her would change their minds or make me feel any better about it.

However, two days ago at 8am, I got a call from a familiar number but didn't answer. I listened to the voicemail they left, and turns out, it was the Center! I was quite shocked to hear DaNae's voice again; she said that the previous couple I had donated to would like me to donate to them again, if I was willing. I had already made my decision before the message was done... yes of course!

I called her back around lunchtime and said I was surprised to hear from her, especially after the last phone call from her... she nervously agreed, and reiterated her voicemail. I said "it's probably none of my business, but why do they need more eggs, since I gave them 10 last time?" I expected her to say 'I can't tell you for legal reasons', but she was extremely open in the information she gave me. She said that the couple had a successful pregnancy, which ended up going to 42 weeks (2 weeks past the 'normal' time), but it ended in a 'fetal death'. Horrible to hear!!! She said the couple was devastated because their baby looked "perfect". Apparently they used up all the viable embryos from my last donation, so the couple asked the Center if "they could use the same 'perfect' donor again". :D Such a wonderful thing to hear, especially after the Center basically said my eggs weren't good enough anymore!

She also gave me some more very personal information, which was completely shocking to hear (like she was trying to give me as much info as possible so I would say yes — even though I had already made my choice before calling). Once she was done talking, I said "I would absolutely love to donate to them again! Especially after such a horrible experience...". So after some testing they need to do with the recipient, DaNae said it would most likely be early September when the injections would start, with a mid-September retrieval. Works out perfectly for me because work will be slow again, before the Holiday rush!

I'm SUPER excited to donate again! I wanted to do one more cycle, anyway. It's a sad situation that I'm able to do this, but helping the couple again will be amazing!!!

03 March 2012

AMBER: Journey's Beyond

This is my most favorite game ever!

I wrote a very detailed walkthrough, with maps included. Can't figure out how to post it on here for downloading... comment below and I'll email the PDF if you'd like to use it! :)