30 January 2011

Eggs - Day 13

Blahhh! Feeling great this afternoon (probably cause of Harry Potter 3rd-viewing with girly girl!), but now I'm tired and apathetic again. I am NOT looking forward to this week... gonna be a hard one.

I figured a way around the air-bubble Menopur problem... I didn't tamper too much with the needle and I still got one, so I just flicked it to the top (the plunger part), and injected what I could and stopped before reaching the bubble. Done and done! It's still not the full .75 mL, but per my journal it seems like this is what I dealt with last time, and shouldn't effect any follicle production.

But seriously, this weekend was gross... couldn't sleep-in... also having random night sweats, hot flashes and fever dreams. But I only have one week left of shots and I'm giving a couple some babies, so I can make it!!! Rawarrrararrr!

29 January 2011

Eggs - Day 12

Okay, I do NOT like the Menopur shot... I always get air bubbles in the syringe, which happened last time (according to the journal I kept). And when I try to fix it, I end up wasting the chemicals and had to start over. :| Going to try and NOT play with the syringe tomorrow morning, and see if that fixes the air problem.

Also feeling VERY down today... depressed and exhausted... couldn't get back to sleep, but didn't feel like getting up. Around noon I perked-up though, but now my tummy is sore where I shot-up this a.m. I remember the evening shot being worse last time, but it's totally the opposite. :S

I hope I don't have fever dreams again tonight! Cripes.


Ugh... so tired... too tired to sit at my computer and play WoW even.

So I just re-read most of the journal I kept during my first donation cycle. I kept VERY detailed notes! And it was fun to read how my first few days of stimulation shots went, as it seems to be the EXACT same process this second time around. So if all goes well, at least I know what to expect, which would have helped me get over my depression this morning a lot faster. I'm experiencing dizzy spells, too, which also happened last time. It's not severe though. I feel like it was a longer, more exhaustive process last time, and this time seems to be going very quick. But perhaps it's because time seems to be flying by as I get older, or that the Lupron shots were no biggie compared to the Menopur/Follistim.

28 January 2011

Eggs - Day 11

Ugh, lots of problems today.

Menopur shot sucked! I thought I was supposed to displace the air, but that put a big air bubble in the syringe, which I managed to squeeze out, but then I lost .15 mL of stuff, so I tried to replenish it, but grabbed the wrong vile and ended up diluting it even more. :|

When I left work, I was so worried about forgetting the Lupron vile, that I completely forgot to grab Menopur needles for this weekend! So I ate dinner and drove back up to work, parking in the Block E ramp. I ran to get a few syringes and left, thinking I'd only have to pay for an hour parking fee, but no, they're weird, so it cost me $6 for 10 minutes!!! Super lame. And you would not believe the drivers out there... psycho's!

But the Follistim went fine... so here's hoping for an easier tomorrow morning dose. :P

27 January 2011

Eggs - Day 10

Jumped down to 5 units of Lupron today... stimulations tomorrow! And so it begins. :P

26 January 2011


Eggs - Day 9

So I had it wrong... I don't start the stimulation shots tomorrow — it's on Friday! So woot! One less day of 3 shots per day!

But tomorrow I reduce the Lupron to 5 units, instead of 20... must... remember... :P

Still menstruating, but feeling more energized today! Stupid work is adding lots of stress this week, though... can't wait for the week to be over.

25 January 2011

Eggs - Day 8

So... exhausted... :P

I haven't even started the stimulation shots yet, and my body is already run-down. Yesterday I went to bed early and practically fell asleep as my head hit my pillow (which NEVER happens). However, I think most of the problem is that I started bleeding today, which the Center said might happen after I stopped taking the pill. I can already feel my hormone levels bouncing around... :|

Last night was rough, but tonight my energy is returning. One more day until the stimulation shots! I'm nervous about mixing the Menopur, but hopefully it'll come back to me... I remember the Follistim burning a bit during the injection, too, so we'll see how that goes. Oh, and today I realized I haven't been wiping the bottle tops with the sterile cloth before inserting the needle... oops! :S

I have labs and an ultrasound tomorrow. Almost half-way there!

22 January 2011

Eggs - Day 5

Got up at 8:45am to do my shot... I think my least favorite thing about this whole process is having to set my alarm and get up early on the weekends. :P And yes, 8:45am is early for me!!! Shu'up!!! But luckily, I was able to get back to sleep after... :)

Oh, it's also tough stabbing yourself in the morning, when your body is extra sensitive from being asleep... but I'm pretty good at it, so I only felt a tiny poke (that's what she said). I'll probably need to just get up and be awake a bit before doing the Menopur shot, since I need to mix chemicals and use my brain to do that. :|

The Lupron has no clear side effects for me, aside from the site being itchy right after the injection... but that goes away pretty quickly. I'm feeling tired lately, but that's probably from lack of exercise and it being disgustingly cold this past week.

Only four more days before I start the stimulation shots! Wow this is going fast...

21 January 2011

Eggs - Day 4

Injections are going well! Gotta make sure I get into work on time, so I don't miss it... :/

Tonight I took my last birth control pill! Going to be odd seeing 9:30pm on the clock, and not getting up to deal with that situation... must keep my brain on that pattern, though! :P

19 January 2011

Eggs - Day 2

Had an 'STD Screen' appointment this morning, where they did a blood draw (3 tubes) and a UA. Also did my second shot... poked a bit more than yesterday, but I think I hesitated. :P

Anyway, peeing into a cup, for girls, when you don't really have to go, sucks big time! Eww and LOL... Ima stop right there. :)

18 January 2011

Eggs - Day 1

Started my Lupron shots today! This one is basically birth control, to suppress my egg production. One week of these, and then I start the 'stimulation' injections.

The shot itself went well! Didn't feel a thing... luckily (and sadly) I have lots of extra pooch this year to prevent any needle pain. :P

17 January 2011

Playa Mujeres, Cancun

Had an amazing time with Margaret this past week! We went to Playa Mujeres, Cancun for five days, and stayed at the wonderfully luxurious Excellence Resort. How I miss the weather already... ahhh...

Got up at 4am to catch our 6am flight! :| Surprisingly, it was the first time I hadn't had any anxiety 'miss-my-flight' dreams... the Nyquil helped. Thanks for driving us Manda!

Airport security and check-in went very quick, so we stopped at a bookstore so Marg could get her coveted 'cheesy dirty romance novel'. :)

I was unable to change our seats the day before (stupid travel agent sat us apart), because to my amazement, the plane was PACKED FULL! Lots of MN peeps escaping to Cancun in the middle of the week, right after the holidays... odd. Everything was on time, though, and we landed in Cancun 3.5 hours later!

[Here we are at the airport, waiting for our private transportation to the resort. So happy!]

The twenty minute ride was quick, but odd... completely ghetto the whole way, passing stray dogs and graffiti and homeless travelers. Then we arrived at the resort, going through three security gates with guards verifying that we were on the list.

Once we entered the lobby, they gave us damp towels to freshen-up, handed us glasses of champagne and brought us up to the front desk for check-in. Already with the luxury! :D

[The lobby, with one of their bars downstairs.]

So long-story-short, crappy travel agent booked us their 'worst' room, because it was the only one with two beds, instead of one big king-sized. But when we checked-in, the receptionist said we had a Swim Up room, which is what I wanted in the first place. These particular rooms allow you to literally walk out your patio door and jump in the pool! I mentioned to her that this was a mistake, that we needed a room with two beds, and she said that housekeeping could actually rig-up the couches with a mattress and extra sheets. Super cool option!!! So we ended up getting the Swim Up room, even though I had paid for the 'crappy' room... woot! :D Love those happy mistakes... I think I saved a couple hundred bucks at least.

[Swim Up patio view!]

So this place is definitely a big honeymoon destination, but I didn't care... it was too beautiful to pass up! The room was nice and spacious, but the bathroom was super odd — no doors or walls or privacy whatsoever! The shower had two separate water-heads and a window to the living room... for dirty things, no doubt... eehehehe!

[Jacuzzi with wonderful massage jets!]

[Free mini-bar, restocked daily!!!]

[Shower window! Marg is demonstrating... :)]


So unfortunately, the weather was less than perfect... it was rainy, cloudy and only about 70°F. But, because that was an epic 60-degree difference from Minnesota, we didn't care!!! We changed, ordered room service for lunch, then went down to the peacefully windy beach, and filled our lungs with FRESH humid air.

[The red flag means 'no swimming'... or it's not recommended because of weather conditions.]


[Happy Margaret with her cool jacket and sunglasses!]

So I've realized that no matter how luxurious the resort is, hotel sheets are still hotel sheets... stiff as hell, and the pillows were super lumpy! Didn't sleep well until the third night... :P

After breakfast (and Marg's yoga class), we went to the beach to enjoy another windy/cloudy/rainy day. But again, way warmer than MN, so who cares! :D Then we mostly relaxed on the patio and in our room, watching TV.


Slept a bit better with a pill... still cloudy this morning, so we checked out the daily activities schedule and saw they had Rifle Shooting!!! It was so much fun!!! Just pellets in there, but I was able to hit one small Ram target, and Marg got two hits during our contest.

[So bad-ass!!! :D]

[Cutey-patooty Edwin photo bomb! He was our instructor and a good marksman. He also taught the Latin Dance class, which Marg took on Saturday.]

[My reaction after hitting a target! :D It's the one that's down behind me, on the right. Metal Rams – beware!!!]

Oh, but before rifle shooting, we decided to be smart and get some FREE DRINKS! ;)

After rifle shooting, we explored the beach again, with cameras this time!

[Marg was much braver than me! I kept my sweater on. :)]

Since it was still chilly that night, we ordered room service and watched HBO movies in English (and sometimes Spanish!).

The sun came out finally!!!!! First warm day of vacation... we ate breakfast then jumped into our swimsuits, and went down to the beach for a good three hours.

[My view from the beach chair, looking up... ahhhhh!]

Marg decided to soak up the sun and got a little burnt. It was so peaceful to be listening to music, on the beach, in the warmth, with island 'boys' coming by to take our drink order. He asked us if it was time for Tequila shots and we said sure! A handful of drinks later, we spent the afternoon drunk. :D

[This is Bob... I fed him french fries. I lovded you Bob!!!]

More of the gorgeous view from our patio, with sunlight this time!

We finally hit the Lobster House restaurant that night, and had some extremely good lobster tails! It was a warm evening and we sat at the end of the deck, right next to the ocean, with the pool glowing blue below us... it was absolute HEAVEN!

Well, vacation was over already... :( Five days never seemed shorter! Since our flight didn't leave until 3:30pm, we slept in (soundly!), then had breakfast at one of the restaurants. Once we came back to the room, we packed-up and ordered Second Breakfast! :D So good, but a bad idea in the long run... lol.

At noon, we checked-out and waited for our private airport shuttle in the lobby...

Sunday was a LONG day... our plane was 2 hours late. :| We finally landed at 9pm and quickly got the hell out of the airport!

It was quite a shock at how cold the 10° air was... with wind... /sigh. I miss the beach!!! It was an amazing vacation... I will definitely go back to that resort in the future. And also, all-inclusive adults-only is THE way to travel!!!

09 January 2011

Eggs - Physical

Had my physical last Wednesday and got all my supplies for fertile-readiness!!!

It's interesting the differences between male and female doctors, during said physical... females are polite and gentle, making sure you're comfortable and warning you before they 'swab'. The two male doctors I have experienced could care less! They're rough and completely unaware of you... like you're a barn animal or something. Ya.

But I enjoyed seeing the Center For Reproductive Medicine's new facility! Nice parking garage, too... woot!

Anyway, I start my injections on Jan. 18th, right after vacay... gonna be a busy January. :|